Scorpio Scorpio Horoscope (SexScopes)
Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020

Was your new year’s resolution to take a break from romance, scorpio? While it’s always good to stick to your goals, mars entering sagittarius on january 3 might prevent you from keeping your vow of chastity when a sexy new person enters your life. Give in and be naughty! By the tenth, you’ll have them wrapped around your little finger and learning their favorite positions when the full moon is in cancer! All those orgasms will have you glowing when venus enters pisces on january 13. You’ve discovered that the cure for the winter blues is staying in bed. Take the plunge into an indulgent romance when mercury enters aquarius on the sixteenth. It could be the real deal. When the sun enters aquarius on january 20, you’ll be happy you did. The new moon in aquarius on the twenty-fourth will leave you feeling stressed out. Instead of picking a fight with your lover, work out your frustration in the bedroom, even if it takes multiple rounds for you to be completely satisfied. Do it again when ceres enters aquarius on january 31. Your partner will like your domineering side in the bedroom, and you like being a little rough. Naughty!

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