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Kas aš esu

I am a simple, approachable person prayerful. Full of dreams and always optimistic.

Ką aš veikiu gyvenime

I love how I keep doing work with multiple free fun break moments. I love playing soft music, taking care of my fish pets in my indoor aquarium, spending sometime programming and coding with my laptop. Making new friends is my thing, plus having fun at camps, road tours, biking and playing badminton.

Ką aš gerai sugebu

Am good at cooking, love and passionate about computer programming. I'm good at cracking jokes and playing prunks.

Mėgstamiausi filmai, knygos, serialai, dainos, maistas

Movie & series : Heist, America, Code, 24, Song: I didn't expect that Food: Local dishes

Aš daug galvoju apie

Am optimistic and believe better is out there we go get it and own it.

Ką aš veikiu savaitgaliais

Home drink ups, Video gaming, play Badminton. Little visitations, time by myself.

Kokie žmonės man patinka

Am not that an outgoing person though wouldn't mind neither limit others. All kinds of personalities do better with me except tendencies of Drugs, gay, porn and lesbians is are turnoff.